We start with fresh herbs, fresh vegetables, finest cuts of meats, everything made from scratch and made with love. Whether the food is made on site or dropped off, we focus on the best experience that will leave your guest in awe.


There is no more sincere love, than the love of food!

Taco Cart

A variety of authentic and fusion inspired taco’s and accompaniments. Everything is made with fresh ingredients and with love. From housemade marinades, flavorfull salsa’s and guac, to mouthwatering empenadas, we can create any dish with no rules.

Rack of Lamb

New Zealand rack of Lamb, rubbed with the perfect amount of fresh herbs and spices. Perfectly cooked to a beautiful bright pink/med rare. Rested and sliced into individual pops and served with a Fresh mint chimmichuri or chipotle raspberry sauce for dippins.


Authentic Spanish dish of rice, saffron, chicken, shellfish, chorizo, peppers and peas prepared and served in a large shallow pan. The authenticity and layers of flavors will forever be in your memory……. always wanting more……..tasting the love.

Cocktail Parties

We start off with the perfect bar set up, fresh homemade mixes and custom designed drinks. Perfectly paired tray passed appetizers.


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Our Chefs

Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art.

Dani Leyva

I have been cooking for as long as I can remember. Growing up in an Italian family everything was made from scratch, the freshest ingredients and made with a lot of love.

My memories were either standing on my “special” stool at my very own “special” pull out cutting board in the kitchen or gathered around my Nana and Papa’s dining room table surrounded by family.

My greatest influences in the kitchen were my Great Grandma G, my Nana and my amazing mother. Who taught me everything from making Sunday Sauce, Leg of Lamb slow cooked on a rotisserie, homemade breads, fresh herbed dressings and so much more. All from generation taught, strong, influential Italian women.

From there, I have spent 25 years of my life combining my experience and love for all things culinary. I love creating memories for my clients and being transported back to my childhood, where family, friends and amazing food will be remembered always…

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